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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Links of the Day

Politics of the Stimulus Bill - For whatever reason, Republican governors have chosen to refuse SOME of the stimulus money coming to their states. Most of it is just a token gesture, other wise they would have refused all of it. OF those returning a tiny portion includes Sarah Palin (R-AK), Mark Sanford (R-SC), Haley Barbour (R-MI), and Bobby Jindal (R-LS). A recent 2007 analysis shows that interesting enough, these red states tend to take more tax dollars then they provide. For example, for every dollar of tax money paid out by its citizens, it gets back $1.84, Louisiana gets $1.78, and Mississippi gets $2.02. Basically the general pattern is the more the state governors claim they should be independent of the federal government, the more they seem to depend on the government to function. Oh and for those that live in the states refusing some of that federal money, guess what part they are refusing? The part that would extend unemployment benefits and in some cases help in education. Funny how they claim it’s not moral reasons but then refuse money purely along party priorities.

Solving the Mystery of the Vanishing Bees - A long but interesting article on the disappearance of bees critical to many of our food products. It’s a complicated story but to (poorly) sum it up, scientists believe that viral diseases combined with climate conditions are killing them off and hope to create a cure for them. When or if that is possible is a critical question. If we think food is expensive now, if the bee populations continue to take hits, then we have not seen anything yet.

Fearful Goodbyes for BSG - While many were watching the final episode of Battlestar Galactica in our homes, the cast, crew and family were watching it at a screening in North Hollywood. Sad to see the show go but I imagine its influence will live on as time will be very kind to it and the shows place in television history.

Weekend Box Office - Nicolas Cage Knowing took the top spot with $24.8M. A number likely to nosedive considering the movies lukewarm critical response, depressing ending (but awesome CGI). I liked it but the public probably not so much. Second went to I Love You, Man with $14.4M but good critical and viewer response so likely to do ok for the next few weeks. Duplicity (boring) took third with $14.4M and proves that a famous star doesn't guarantee a movie like it use to and that Julie Roberts star has lost its entire luster. Race to With Mountain dropped 46.7% (normal) for a $13M take. Watchman, sadly, took another nosedive for a $6.7M take. Enjoy that movie; it will be the last expensive R-Rated movies studios will release for a very long time.

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