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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Links of the Day

The Big Takeover - A snarky but good look into what caused the failure of AIG that needed taxpayer bailout and why the bonuses are so bad. In general, the main bad guy is AIG Financial Products division led by Joseph Cassano who caused the company to buy all the bad debt that it couldn't unload and nearly caused its bankruptcy. He and his people are the same people that are supposed to get the $165 million bonus money. Yep, they nearly destroy a company and their reward is more money. Cassano was finally laid off but he was given $34 million in compensation and $1 million a month from AIG to consult. Basically Wall Street's version of policing itself is to hand out money freely to its biggest con artists. For all the Republican talk of why deregulation is required for all things, I give you AIG as a reason on why it’s absolutely necessary.

Colbert Tops NASA Poll - As a sign of the Colbert Nation strength, Stephen Colbert asked for people to vote for "The Colbert" as the name of the new wing of the international space station and they did raising him to the top spot over second place name "Serenity." A name I assume is from the Firefly TV series (and movie). Now the contest wasn't to actually name the module but simple pick a primary suggestion that NASA may or may not use. NASA has said its official determination will not be made until next month.

AIG To Rebrand - What does failed company do with a horrible reputation? Rename itself of course. AIG is going to spend some of its taxpayer money to rename itself to AIU Holdings Ltd and already started the process with removing AIG from its headquarters in New York. Sadly, a new name often does wonders for a company as the public quickly forgets what the old name really represented.

Bill O'Reilly Ambush Story - Bill O'Reilly is an ass. A huge idiot of an ass that is only outmatched by his ego. Someone dares to question him; he sometimes will sic his attack dog, a pathetic shell of a man named Jesse Watters. Jesse then goes out and follows you around as he tries to get a "gotcha" moment. Failing that he will suddenly ambush you maybe in your yard, at work, or on vacation as the story at the link indicates. From there he will ask a bunch of stupid loaded questions of the "Why did you eat your baby?" variety that gets heavily edited to make it seem like you dodging something. It’s basically a big "fuck you" to his audience because he knows most are simply too stupid to question what they are seeing. If you are on the receiving end of such behavior, simple say "Before I comment, can Bill answer questions about Andrea Mackris" Repeat that name over and over as Bill will refuse to allow any footage to air that utters that name. BTW, she was a women he sexually harassed and settled out of court with.

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