"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Links of the Day

Corruption Charges Dropped for Stevens - Sadly that Whore Ted Stevens will not go to jail and get to enjoy the high life he has not really earned. Sure some say he was vindicated but the reason he was released was because of Prosecution failed to follow the rules of discovery and provide all their documents. Yep, the same reason you hear murderers get off and other criminals benefited Stevens. It is important to understand that. He was not declared innocent, but cleared because the Obama's Department of Justice but the rule of law first. Do you really think a Bush administration would have done that if it was a Democrat Senator in the exact same situation? Yeah I don't either.

April Fool's Roundup - A few places that had fun with April Fools. One thing great about the internet is the many companies, both big and small, that participate.

Queens Hugs First Lady - Apparently it turns out to be a big deal with the Queen hugs or otherwise touches you. I guess you have to have a monarchy to understand. I was amused by the comment at the end over concern that maybe the Queen touching the first lady was a breach and wanted to say "nah! She has probably been touched and shook more hands then anyone person ever should."

CTJ Model of GOP Budget - While the GOP's grand budget plan was actually pretty lacking in details and numbers, one can derive a few conclusions based on their usual desire to shift the tax burden from the upper class as much as possible. As the graph shows, their proposal does just that. Basically the more you make, the more you get back from the tax plan. Of note is it’s a complete shift. The top 20% save the most. Middle 20% the least, and the bottom 40%? They get actually pay more in taxes. Yep a complete reverse of the Democratic plan. Not really a surprise but ironic considering that many of the GOPs followers come from that bottom 40%. The main problem is the obsession that tax cuts will fix everything. I want to pay less in taxes but only if doing so is effective and good for the country. In this case, as has been for the last 8 years, it simple isn't.

Twitter Job Search - A pretty cool website that filters through Twitter tweets to find job postings in your area. Dead simple to use and doesn't go back to the end of time like most job search engines.

Guiding Light Cancelled After 72 Years - As a sign that the soap opera is on its last legs with ever declining viewership, the 72 year old flagship of the genre is being cancelled by CBS. The show started as a 15 minute radio program before moving to TV on June 30th, 1952. It helped launch the careers of a view stars including Kevin Bacon, James Earl Jones and a view others. I never watched it but always a shame to see a little bit of history come to an end. The last show will air in September.

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