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Monday, April 20, 2009

Links of the Day

Oracle Buys Sun - For a price of $7.4 billion. The reasons are mainly for Sun's Solaris Unix OS and Java tech that the company created. Considering Oracle's database technology run on the Solaris platform, it means the company can start selling a "total" package to enterprise customers of hardware, software and support. Also MySQL is owned by Sun and now Oracle can either use the open-source database technology or simply squash it entirely since it technically is competing software. Sadly, this also means that Sun is about to get very hard with layoffs as the companies needs probably overlap in a large number of areas. I suspect that in 3years time, the "Sun" portion of the company will cease to exist in any meaningful way. What is important though is the sell means Sun executives are going to reap a heck of a windfall.

Sony Preps Third Brown Book - With Angels and Demons not even yet in theatres, Sony has already optioned the rights to create the film for his next novel, The Lost Symbol, which will be out in bookstores on September 15th. The only thing known about the story is it takes place over the course of 12 hours.

SAG Reaches Agreement - After about two years of contention, SAG directors have finally signed off on a compromise agreement with the studios. Essentially the agreement is more money for actors across the board in many areas. Sadly it is only a two year agreement since the fight will be renewed on June 30, 2011. Click the link for the breakdown but it does a good job of illustrating why money drives Hollywood as doing very little work can net you a lot of money. The only problem is the work isn't steady and SAG believes that is a problem the studios should help cover. I wish my job thought that way.

Beware ATM Card Skimmers - A new, and still rare problem, cropping up on ATMs is card skimmers. Basically these are attachments that are glued onto an ATM so that when you insert your card, it goes through the scanner first capturing the number. At the same time a camera is piece is also attached to film you entering your PIN. Once those two pieces of info is put together, the criminal has full access to your account. They are hard to identify, banks are keeping an eye on them and if you suspect one, contact their fraud division (telling customer service usually just results in confusion).

Gingrich: Teabagger King - OMG, Obama shook the hand of Venezuela leader Chavez. Obama hates American! At least that is what Newt Gingrich wants the right wing nuttery to believe as he knows that their knowledge history is non-existent. Otherwise, they would recognize that Presidents have a history of trying to make enemies into friends including right wings favorites such as Nixon (with Brezhnev) and Reagan (with Gorbachev). Where was the right wing nuttery outrage then? Sigh, if all that hate was actually directed at something as basic as gathering knowledge, what could be accomplished?

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