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Friday, April 24, 2009

Links of the Day

Tribune On the Ropes - An interesting article where the Chicago Tribune fired its "Recession Reporter" as it cut 53 jobs. At the same time its parent company Tribune Co. is asking for the bankruptcy court to approve $13.3 million in bonuses for 703 employees. Those employees are probably top tier management that helped drive the company into the hole. The claim is they needed to retain them but let's face it, where are they going to go? My job's "incentive" right now is I have a job. Funny how that isn't enough for top management. Hopefully the court will deny the request but I doubt it.

More Bad News for GM - The hits keep coming for GM. The once great car company, destroyed by poor management decisions of looking to the next quarter bonuses rather than the long term survival has accepted another $2 billion in bailout money, preparing to shutter Pontiac and idle 13 of its 20 plants for part of the summer to reduce its standing inventory. At this point it might just be time to sell the company off so the taxpayers can recoup at least some of the lost money.

Murphy Wins NY 20th - While the GOP is spinning it as a sign of gaining ground, the cold hard reality is their attack, offer no solutions except tax cuts policy isn't working. The 20th was a GOP stronghold that should have been an easy win for the cash flush Republican candidate James Tedisco. Instead it was a close fight that they ultimately lost and should not have. What this means as far as Congress is concerned is not much. It is simply a sign that the GOP has a long ways to go to rebuild its party and continuing to kow-tow to the base isn't getting the job done.

Microsoft's Profits Drop First Time in 23 Years - It doesn't get any clearer that the GOP recession is the worst in a few generations when Microsoft experiences a 32% drop in profits. Of course the crapitude of Vista probably didn't help as many stuck with the older XP OS for years longer than might have if not for the bad reviews.

Hannity To Be Waterboarded for Charity? - Yeah right. Hannity on his show said that he would be open to being waterboarded for charity as he doesn't consider the practice to be torture. Olbermann decided to take him up by offering him $1000 for every second he lasts. A few years ago various local news stations "talent" volunteered to do it and none indicated any enjoyment of the experience. If local folks can do it, so can Hannity. Like most GOP diehards though, Hannity is ultimately a coward and I don't see him backing up his words with action.

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