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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Links of the Day

$3.4 Trillion Budget Passes - The House and Senate have both approved the final version of the budget with 0 Republican votes for the bill (including really GOP moderate Arlen Specter). The main concern for Republicans (other than spending in places that isn't military) is it will increase taxes on top 5% that is their bread and butter. The tax cut for the remaining 95% varies but realistically it will probably only add to a few hundred a year (about the same as the Bush cuts). The main concern is the concern over deficit spending which could increase to $1.2 trillion a year but Democrats are hoping increased tax revenue from a recovered economy and that 5% will offset that.

New PSP Planned? - The rumor mill is fired up that Sony is planning a major re-design of the PSP that will eliminate the UMD disk drive in favor of flash memory and downloading content. The system might include a second analog stick, sliding screen to reach controllers and a larger, better screen. The final design, whatever it may be, will be unveiled at E3 in June.

American Classic Arcade Museum Tour - I use to love arcade games. My favorite two was X-Men and TMNT where you and other players worked together to get through the levels. Sadly though, Arcades are dying in part because of the technological leaps of consoles but also because it’s just so darn expensive to drop and average of $1 to $2 for maybe five minutes of fun if you can last that long. Click the link above for games of a bygone era that is slowing coming to an end. Click here for a gallery from the museum and here to go the official website.

Consumer Reports Reviews the ShamWow - It is nice to see Consumer Reports finally embracing the internet with video reviews and the like that they are putting up on the Consumerist.com. In this case it is a review of the ShamWow. Their overall verdict is it works the same as a sponge only a lot more expensive.

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