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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Links of the Day - Courts Edition

Obama Picks Sotomayor for Supreme Court - In an effort to seat the first Hispanic on the court, Obama picked Sonia Sotomayor has his candidate for the high court. As expected, the GOP objects to the choice saying she allows personal views to dictate her rulings, ironic considering Antonin Scalia does that all the time (see below). I don't know enough about her to know if this good pick but what little I have read suggests her only outstanding trait as a judge is she is a Hispanic as her rulings have not been particularly ground breaking or compelling. Before it’s all over, we will know more then we probably want to about the woman so hopefully that first impression is incorrect.

Supreme Court Reverse Michigan v Jackson - The court overturned the 86 ruling that authorities had to stop questioning defendants once they ask for a lawyer. Now police can pretty much tear into defendants as long as they want until a lawyer is actually on the scene. Scalia's argument for the ruling, "there is little if any chance that a defendant will be badgered into waiving his right to have counsel present during interrogation". Basically it’s the "trust me!" defense, the same used for the Patriot Act (which lead to warrantless wiretapping of Americans), questing defendants (which lead to a need for the Miranda rights), torture and so forth. It would be a rather long list if tried to named abuse of rules by authorities, bosses and pretty much anyone. Once again, Scalia allowed his personal views to dictate his rulings.

Caifornia Supreme Court Upholds Prop 8 - In a surprise to no one that knows even a little about the law, the court upheld that Prop 8 CA constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage. On the bright side the 18000 currently legally married remain legal. Considering a Supreme Courts job is to weigh in on the constitutionality of the law, a legally passed amendment by definition is constitutional. At this point the only way to reverse the decision (cause the Supreme Court isn't) would be for another constitutional amendment.

Beware CircuitCity.com - While the stores are defunct, the website will live on due to recent purchase by Systemmax. However, I don't recommend ever ordering anything from the site as their return policy is very rigid. For example, the site can refuse a refund or replace a product at any time. They also refuse to accept return on any Compag, IBM, HP, Toshiba, Epson and other computer vendors. Basically, you by something from them, whether it works or not, you’re stuck with it.

Mike Tyson's Daughter Dies - The once boxing king's four year old daughter died today accidently hanging herself on a treadmill cord at home last night. What makes it tragic beyond the death of a child for me is the Tyson was about to regain some of his fame with a new documentary and summer movie, now tarnished by this loss. Condolences to the family.

Heroes Recreates SNL's Jizz in My Pants - Using some creative editing from Heroes over the last few seasons, a new video for the amusing song from SNL.

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