"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, May 11, 2009

Links of the Day

8-Bit Fatalities - An amusing homage to the NES days that shows famous Nintendo and arcade characters killing their enemies in various gruesome ways.

How Legos Were Made in the 80s - Click the link to see how they bricks where made more than 20 years ago. Click here to see how it has changed.

Zach Interviews Natalie Portman - A funny "interview" with the gorgeous and very game Natalie Portman and her dog as many awkward pauses occur.

Extended Terminator 4 Trailer - A four minute long internet only trailer for the upcoming movie. Click the link for the HD version for apple or just enjoy the YouTube embed below.

Blizzard Universe, Lego Style - Click the link for a gallery of Blizzard properties such as Starcraft and Warcraft re-created with Legos.

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