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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Links of the Day

NBC 2009-2010 Schedule - NBC officially announced its schedule which includes Leno on at 10pm for the foreseeable future. Cancellation include American Gladiators (which should have stuck with summers), Kath and Kim, Knight Rider, My Name is Earl and Medium (moving to CBS). Renewals include the Law and Orders, The Office, Southland, Chuck and others. The schedule, overall, seems to be designed to make it easy for NBC to get run over by the other networks. New shows include kind of a mimic of How I Met Your Mother only it uses a questionnaire as the starting point for the episodes. Their high concept show, Day One, follows a group after a global catastrophe that will probably suffer the usually problem of holding to much back thinking it would be needed for future seasons. Since ER is done, NBC is dipping into the medical well with Mercy (follows nurses instead) and Trauma (follows paramedics). Likely the first casualty of the season will be Parenthood, an attempt to be like Brothers and Sisters with a fantastic cast that instead will simply remind people of their own problems rather than allow them to escape from them.

ABC 2009-2010 TV Schedule - Their turn to show and tell. Cancellations include According to Jim, Samantha Who, and According to Jim. Renewals for Better off Ted, Scrubs, Castles, Ugly Betty and more. Following the formula of why fix what isn't broke, few shows get moved around, in most cases the new programs are being slotted to fill in the cancelled programming. Multiple new shows in the works. Cougar Town with Courtney Cox as hot single mom looking for love, likely an earlier casualty, The Deep End which is a law drama that follows four young lawyers (apparently after done doing all the boring grunt work that doesn't involve trials). Eastwick, based on the novel that the movie was based on follows the adventures of three hot witches. Execution will be key but something tells me it will not last long. Day One follows what happens after humanity experiences their individual near future and cast members attempt to avoid (or not) that future. Big concept and another where hiding too many cards just in case could be disastrous. Kelsey Grammer returns to TV in Hank as a once rich powerful guy now out of work and nearly broke. Fan of the very gorgeous Melinda McGraw so will try it out. Honestly though it sounds like another variation of his previous characters and probably will not last long. V returns to television with a re-imaging of the TV series as aliens that attempt to conquer the world not with violence but promises of a better future. The problem is the price...humanity is their food source. The original series was entertaining but suffered from crappy budget and writers running out of ideas. Hopefully this one will focus on the political intrigue and fight for control and less the personal conflicts of the individual heroes. Either way I will watch, if only for the very gorgeous Morena Baccarin (short hair not doing her any favors). For a sneak peak, click here for a few clips.

NBC's Not So Hitmaker - Ben Silverman was hired two years ago to turn around NBC and the result is a network firmly entrenched in 4th that has no abandoned the 10pm in a quest to simply save money. As the upfront schedule shows, turnaround is not even close to coming as the upcoming slates of programs are weak at best. At the link, an article that covers the last two years of excuses as NBC's planned rising star is probably one season away from losing his job.

Huge Lego Corellian Corvette - Click the link for a gallery of images of a fan made 12 foot long, complete detailed interiors of the Corellian Corvette. He has also created the world's largest Millennium Falcon from Lego.

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