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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Links of the Day

SNL Mother Lovin - Forgot about this amusing video from Saturday Night Live that features Justin Timberlake. The song's idea is two guys forgot Mother's Day gifts so why not swap mom's for sex. In this case the MILF's being Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson so not exactly a bad idea in those circumstances.

Toyota Posts First Loss in 59 Years - A sign of how bad the current recession is, the company posted a $7.74 billion lost. However, it is also a sign of just how well the company has been run as they have a stellar employment record, innovation record, and product quality record. Something that GM and co. seems to think isn't possible to have and succeed. Sadly it appears that this is just the first of a few rough quarters for the company.

IMAX vs. IMAX Lite - Beware of theatres selling themselves as IMAX or at least know what you’re getting into. Normal IMAX theatres have 70 feet plus wide screens with excellent sound system. Lite has a screen just a touch larger than normal...that is moved forward by about three-five seat rows so seems more in your face. It’s akin to you sitting in front of your TV rather than across the room. As the article at the link indicates, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it is something to consider before paying an average of $5 more per ticket to see.

Craigslist Dumps Erotic Ads - Between the "Craigslist killer" and local DA's wanting to score easy "I am tough on crime!" points with the public, it just isn't a good time to be posting erotic ads if your Craigslist so the finally have thrown in the towel. End result? Nothing, those people will find other sources for their information and needs. But hey, at this that politician has something to use for his next commercial. My opinion is what people volunteer to do privately isn't our problem but again, quick and easy is the goal of sex workers/seekers and politicians everywhere.

Harry Potter TV Spot - Click the link for a Harry Potter 6 commercial that has an emphasis on boys and their girl problems.

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