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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Links of the Day

CBS 2009-2010 TV Schedule - The number one network has revealed their schedule for next season and their model is to stick with what works by cancelling some cop shows with other cop shows. The network has cancelled Eleventh Hour, The Unit and Without A Trace. Renewals include Amazing Race, the CSIs, Criminal Minds, Numbers, and How I Met Your Mother. Several news shows are in the works. One is NCIS: LA, which follows a unit as they use their undercover skills to take down various criminal and terrorists organizations. Accidentally On Purpose stars Jenna Elfman as an annoying woman (she always plays those) that is preggers after a one night stand. The Good Wife is a legal drama following Julianna Margulies' character becoming a defense attorney again after her husband's sex scandal lands him in jail. Decent cast, could be good if the show doesn't become to full of itself. Three Rivers covers the drama of dealing with organ donation from getting it, to delivering it to putting them in. Considering I find people's refusal to donate to always be an incredibly boring (and stupid) every time it is used, I don't think I could tolerate entire episodes of it. Schedule wise, the biggest change is The Mentalist is moved to Thursday after CSI essentially becoming the new "Must See TV" in TV land. More info at the link above.

Credit Card Bill Passes Congress - While it’s not the usury laws we still need, at least it is a step in the right direction as Congress, in a rare display of bipartisanship, passed the bill designed to curb card companies gouging. Sadly it just makes it more difficult to get screwed, not actually stop the screwing. New rules include ban on rate hikes for bills less than 60 days late, force payments applied on highest rated debt first rather than last, and require 45 day notice for rate increases (rather just doing it and you being surprised on your next bill). Credit card companies say that the changes would force them to charge higher rates (cause 30% isn't enough apparently) and maybe restart annual fees (which would be cheaper then 30% interest rates). Whatever. I have faith the companies will devise new ways to screw consumers considering that most of their gains wasn't based on borrow/payback business arrangement but a series of random nickel and diming schemes that are pure profit and nothing else.

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