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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Links of the Day

CW 2009-2010 TV Schedule - The last network has finally revealed its schedule. Cancellations include Everybody Hates Chris, Privileged, and sadly Reaper. Renewals for Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and 90210. New shows are the usual sexy people without money problems get themselves in trouble while having lots of sex that the network likes called Beautiful Life, Melrose Place, and Vampire diaries. The only major movie is to switch Smallville to the day shows go to die - Friday. Rather odd considering the effort that went into renewing the program. The main thing is Supernatural gets to finish its five year run so I am happy.

Ghostbuster 3 Coming Soon? - It appears a revival of the franchise is in full swing that started off with a video game. Now Dan Aykroyd is saying that the film could start filming this winter with the entire original cast returning to hand off the Ghostbusters job to a new generation. Dan mentioned Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku as two people he wouldn't mind putting on the jumpsuit for the movie. Long story short, people are interested but nothing is greelit just yet.

V Teaser Trailer - ABC has released a trailer for their next season show "V" that indicates that at least some of the elements of the original series will be retained such as the lizard insides that the human looking shell is hiding.

Consumerist Tests the Snuggie - Meg Marco (who turns out to be pretty cute) and Ben Popken help test the snuggie. The end result is the thicker hospital gown is cheaply made, causes lots of static and sheds lint like a cat in the middle of summer. At least your butt will be easily exposed when going to the bathroom just like a hospital gown.

Terminator Salvation Reviews - Basically this movie is getting savaged by online critics such as IO9 and AICN. They are actually angry with how bad the movie is, probably due to their disappointment. The problems seem to be numerous, from poorly acted lines, to poorly written lines, bad stage direction (but good action scenes), huge logic holes (why would Skynet bother to build human interfaces into their components), and just a complete failure to give the movie any urgency and concern for any of the characters. Essentially, if you’re going, cut your brain off and just enjoy the action and try not to think about it too much.

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