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Friday, May 29, 2009

Links of the Day

Wikipedia Bans Scientology - The website has decided to block all IP addresses associated with the business due to its constant efforts to try and edit any articles that might paint the organization in a bad light. Scientology has had a long war with the internet as it’s tried to have anything "bad" removed from the website using lawyers, harassment, and threats. The church has made it clear that free speech is not a concept they think should apply only to them.

Fan Made Green Lantern Trailer - A new fan made trailer for Green Lantern with Nathan Fillion (Firefly) in the Hal Jordan role. The trailer adapts footage from multiple movies to pull off the trailer that looks pretty damn good.

G.I. Joe Clip - Click the link for a clip in the upcoming movie that shows off some of the action and especially the lovely Sienna Miller as the Baroness. From what little I have seen its look like it might be a fun popcorn flick.

Toy Story 3 Teaser - A cute little teaser trailer for the movie that is coming out next year in 3-D that shows that the entire cast is returning. The trailer is also attached to Up that is in theatres starting today.

The Tonight Show Changes Hands - After tonight, Jay Leno moves to Primetime and Conan O'Brien takes over the Tonight Show, a late night institution that is about 40 years old (I think). Overall this should be an improvement over Leno's rather boring comedy that only an old fart would love. Of course this means that NBC's primetime fortunes are only going to get worse.

Torchwood: Children of Earth Trailer - The new season of Torchwood, a UK based TV show, starts this July. The season is really more of a mini-series of about 5 or so episodes regarding one main plot of all children on Earth somehow being taken over by aliens.

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