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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Links of the Day - iPhone Edition

iPhone OS 3.0 Review - The new iPhone software update is now available for the masses. The result is an overall tweak to the performance that most will probably not notice (like me) but power users will (such as copy and paste and search). Click the link that breaks down the new features such as Spotlight search, stereo Bluetooth, auto fill, landscape keyboard and other tweaks.

Engadget iPhone 3GS Review - A software upgrade isn't the only thing in the works as the third generation iPhone is now available. The new 3GS has some new features that might make it worth signing over your soul for two more years with crappy AT&T service and unreliability. Overall the phone is a good purchase with greater speed and lots of bells and whistles that the regular 3G doesn't have like better camera, video recording, compass (great if use maps a lot), better smudge proof coating on glass, voice control. If you’re getting an iPhone for the first time, go ahead and pay the extra $100 for a 3GS, if you’re thinking of upgrading, well that is harder decision to make.

Gizmodo 3GS Review - Difference website, same product. A bit more glowing review to help in your decision.

AT&T Relaxes iPhone 3GS Subsidy Plans - Thanks to customer outcry (and a chance to sign people up for two more years), the company is offering early iPhone 3G buyers who bought that phone in the summer last year a chance to get the 3GS at $199 (16GB) or $299 (32GB), assuming you qualify (using whatever criteria AT&T feels like). Otherwise it’s either wait until the contract expires or pay $100 or more (again depending). For now I am going to take a wait and see approach.

Zicam Recall: Causes Loss of Sense of Smell - The FDA has finally caught up to what the internet and I knew several years ago, that Zicam is dangerous. From personal experience I can tell you that using Zicam caused me to lose my sense of smell for a day and online reports at the time confirmed that the state could be permanent for some users. Long story short, if anyone you know uses the stuff, make sure they throw it out ASAP and never buy it again. Remember, there is no cure for the common cold.

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