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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Michael Jackson Memorial

Michael Jackson Funeral - Today was the day fans were able to say goodbye to the King of Pop in a star studded funeral that was a celebration (with a touch of exploitation) of his career with many covering his various songs. The link above takes you to part 1 of a 15 part segment of the whole thing. Or click here for the "Top 10" highlights.

The World Mourns the Passing of Jackson - The reaction to Jackson's death isn't limited to just the United States as fan worldwide watched the tribute to the King of Pop. Sometimes the measure of a person is the impact they have on others. What does it mean when the world mourns your death? Few have that honor and while his history is often full of strange behavior, his music will ultimately be his legacy.

The Nation Mourns - For those that couldn't be at the memorial in California, they decided to settle for home ground memorials. The gathered at theatres, at Neverland ranch, the Apollo Theatre or just with friends and family.

The Michael Jackson Collection - Back in April, apparently an auction was held to sell many items owned by Jackson in an effort to raise money. The result is multiple catalogs that show many beautiful items that he collected over the years. My favorite sections is the arcade and toys (session five). Worth a look.

Jackson vs. Beatles and Others - A link to how the King of Pop matches up to other megastars of the music industry, Elvis, The Beatles, Madonna and Frank Sinatra. Overall much to be proud of as he has the Grammy wins, most number of nominations, not quite on top with number ones and the bestselling album with Thriller.

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