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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Links of the Day

Abercrombie & Fitch Sued for Discrimination - In a sign that maybe more attention should be paid to hiring intelligent people over those fitting the "image" the company is looking for, Abercrombie is being sued for firing a women with a prosthetic arm. Apparently a store manager hired her and relaxed the dress policy for her. Corporate apparently sent someone to verify she followed company policy, which she technically wasn't so forced her to remove the cardigan she wears. Seeing the prosthetic arm, they forced her to work in the backroom (rather than just make an exception). Now she is seeking 25000 pounds ($41k) in damages. If this occurred in the states the damages being requested would be measured in millions. Either way, a few people deserve the bonehead award for not choosing the simple solution.

Neil Patrick Harris Hosts Emmy Awards - After hosting the TV Land Awards and Tony Awards to much acclaim (at least from the few that saw it and critics), the actor has signed on to host next year's Emmy Awards. As a fan who finds him hilarious on How I Met Your Mother, I find this very good news as he is the consummate host - funny when he is supposed to be and a guide when he isn't. Nor does it hurt that he is actually a fan of television and doesn't look down on it like many of these hosts of these awards shows seem to do.

Buffy vs. Edward Mashup - Amusing video that does a good job of showing the difference between Buffy and the first Twilight movie. One has a strong female protagonist and complicated story with a vampire (Buffy), the other has a weak willed women and wimp of a dude as the main thrust of the story. It’s a shame the current generation looks at Twilight as an example of anything other than bad storytelling and character creation.

Tron 2 Script Review - Click the link for a review from a diehard Tron fan of one of the drafts for the sequel to the movie that is supposedly going to be made. That rumor has been around for a while but nice to know a script actually exists. The short of it is it’s similar to the first movie (good guy must stop bad guy executive) with a bigger budget.

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