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Monday, July 06, 2009

Links of the Day

Millions Vie for Thousands of Jackson Tickets - 1.6 million fans registered to get around 8,750 pairs of tickets to Michael Jackson's memorial service that I believe is this Tuesday. This number included probably duplicates and programs designed to have some people registered many times. The memorial will be held at Staples Center arena.

Shatner Calls Munn A Whore - This is a good example why a fan of Olivia Munn. William Shatner is a bit of a dick and this interview as he promotes his new comic book series shows why Munn is so good to watch. What could have been a very strange and maybe angry moment was turned into an amusing moment with her skillful "anything goes" attitude. Most people would have deservedly been outraged; she just saw a moment to go for humor.

Twittbadges.com - If you’re like me and find TwitterCounter's limited options annoying, try this website which provides a plain badge to display your number of followers with control over the size of the box, the color, what is displayed and a little bit more.

TMNT: Turtles in Time Comparison - A video that shows the improvements made to the classic arcade game Turtles in Time which will soon be released for the XBox 360.

XBox 360 Laptop version 5 - Ben Heckendorn, video geek extraordinaire, has created another video system mod that creates a portable XBox 360 using a gutted Gateway 1775W laptop with 17 inch screen along with more bells and whistles.

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