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Friday, July 17, 2009

Links of the Day

Michael Jackson 1984 Pepsi Commercial Disaster - It is assumed that this incident, never before seen but often talked, is what began Michael Jackson's pill addiction that led to his death. Pills that probably helped with the extreme behavior he ended up becoming more famous for. Tragic how often it takes one little thing can start off such a domino effect.

2009 Emmy Nominations Announced - The yearly back pat for television has announced its list of potential winners. Overall few surprises with lots of safe and expected choices (Damages, House, Tony Shaloub, etc). About the only ones I was pleased and surprised to see was How I Met Your Mother and Family Guy up for Outstanding Comedy Series. As expected, Battlestar Galactica by virtue of being sci-fi was left out in the cold. If not for Neil Patrick Harris hosting the event I probably wouldn’t even bother to watch as the usual suspects are likely to win.

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow - Further proof that the actress remains one of the most gorgeous woman in the world sporting a red headed look that is simply stunning. The role is based on the Marvel Comics character of an ex Russian agent that works with Iron Man.

Futurama Getting New Voices - Comedy Central ordered a new season of Futurama and apparently the cast is being replaced. It appears the cast pulled a Simpsons/Friends of joining together to get more money but Comedy Central, notorious for being cheap, wouldn't pay for and the production company of the show (FOX) isn't either. The result is the announcement that the whole lot is being replaced. It is about time that studios played hardball with actors. Sure they are important but no more important than the writers, storyboards artists, animators, etc that get a fraction of the actors pay for much more work. Essentially for every hour an actor tends to whine about how "hard" they work, there is a whole fleet of people who probably put in 10x the work for 10x less the pay. Personally I am sick of the whining and indifference shown the fleet of people required to get any show off the ground in which the actors are really just a small subset of the whole.

Maddows vs. Buchanan on Sotomayor - Sadly I am forced to agree with Pat Buchanan in this argument on the Rachel Maddows Show about probably future Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor. While conveyed poorly, Buchanan's point is that the best should be chosen for the Court with race and sex not even taking into consideration. Maddows basically said it should because the history of the court isn't fair and isn't a good day in America that a Latino woman (rather than just an American woman) was chosen for the court. If the goal is to be fair in all things that means all choices should ignore race and sex and it’s pretty clear that Sotomeyer isn't the best and was only chosen because of race and sex.

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