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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Links of the Day

Journalists Freed - Two journalists have finally been freed from North Korea thanks to a visit from former President Bill Clinton. The journalists were jailed for essentially planning on writing stories that were not flattering to the country. Of course, Fox News thinks they should have served their 10 years for doing their jobs (makes you wonder what their own journalists are feeling about that right about now). Overall a good day and a sign that Bill Clinton still has the mojo that Bush will never have.

MegaMan Game History - Click the link for a large picture diagram that shows all the Mega Man games created for the storied franchise and all its iterations across pretty much every gaming platform since the NES. Personally I miss the original Mega Man games.

Starcraft II Delayed - To probably the surprise of no one, the game has been delay. The plan now is for a first quarter 2010 release but I suspect that April to May is the more likely date.

Paula Abdul Quits American Idol - The link breaks down the likely reasons why but really everyone knew her days were numbered when that fourth judge was added as insurance in case one of them bailed. The cause comes down to money, she wanted a few million more (not clear if per episode or season) and Fox said no. Time will tell if this will impact ratings but I suspect they will not show more than a minor hiccup.

Windows 7 Review and Features - Long story short, Vista sucks, get this version instead which is what Vista was supposed to be. If you buy any machine make sure it has the free Win 7 upgrade. I haven't used it but have noticed that essentially everyone that panned Vista is universal in their agreement that 7 is a good buy.

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