"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, August 24, 2009

Links of the Day

Lego Voltron Figure - Click the link for a full gallery of Lego Voltron that has its five cat modes and robot mode. Very cool and something wish was available at a local toy store to purchase.

Roger Ebert Comments on Healthcare Debate - I am pretty much in agreement with Roger Ebert when he call providing healthcare to all a moral imperative. I just think its good fiscal policy. Rather than people waiting for issues to reach the critical range when if often very expensive to treat with a hospital stay, they are more inclined to deal with it when a visit to the doctor and a prescription would have taken care of it. Measure that by millions and the savings cost can be measured in billions. What really annoys me though is those that hate it confuse communism with socialism and don't have enough sense to recognize that socialism has been a part of America from nearly day one. What do you call the police, emergency services, Medicare, the Armed Services, education and so much more? All of those are socialistic programs. How stupid do you have to be to not know this while complaining that healthcare shouldn't be done because its "socialism"?

10 MacGyver-like Tricks - Click the link for a few cheap and easy ways of fixing a few household problems such as diffusing a camera flash, making an iPhone dock out of anything, using nail polish for a bug bite, drying out a wet cell phone, and more. My personal favorite is using canned air and hair dryer to fix car dents.

Michael Jackson Murdered? - Preliminary results indicate that Michael Jackson may have died from an overdose of propofol, a sedative he used to help him sleep. This is on top of an extensive list of drugs the singer took on a regular basis. One source indicated the coroner ruled the death a homicide but that has not been verified. Considering Jackson's love of drugs to manage his lifestyle, I don't see any attempt at prosecution being successful.

8-Bit Lego Trip - Cool video with Legos and stop motion that pays a homage to the 8-bit era of video games.

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