"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Links of the Day

Unboxing Batman: Arkham Asylum Collector's Edition and Review - The game itself is getting universally good reviews but is it worth it to pay an additional $40 or so for the Collector's Edition? Hopefully the review below will help in that decision. For me, the plastic (rather than metal) Batarang isn't enough to pay that kind of money so I will take a pass and just get the regular edition.

Why Are Senior Citizens Crying "Socialism"? - The link provides some analysis but to me the short answer is because they are stupid. You have to be if you’re against healthcare reform because its socialism while at the same time you’re drawing from socialism programs of Medicare and Social Security. This doesn't include other socialism programs of public education, emergency services, armed services, roadways and highways, and so much more. I seriously doubt any of them would willing give up any of the many socialism acts of the US government for those anti-Socialism ideals they suddenly grew out of nowhere thanks to the GOP taking advantage of their ignorance.

Most Dangerous Celebs to Search - According to a report from McAfee, compiled in who knows what way because that would require the press doing more than rewriting a press release, Jessica Biel and Brad Pitt are the most dangerous celebs to Google as their results can lead to websites with viruses and spyware.

Why Neoconservatives Love Jon Stewart - An interesting article that claims conservatives, who usually loathe to be challenged and stick to GOP friendly places like Fox News or radio, seem to like the liberal Jon Stewart. Supposedly because he is intelligent and aware but really because he lets them speak their garbage in complete sentences rather than interrupting constantly as their GOP counterparts like O'Reilly ("cut his mic!"), Hannity, and others like to do.

How USB Flash Drives Are Made - A video that shows how a flash drive is manufactured by Kingston. I found it interesting, especially the parts that involve more human input then I would have thought. I figured it was basically a start to finish machine operation but not quite.

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