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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New PS3 Slim and Starcraft II News

Playstation 3 Slim Officially Announced - The worst kept secret in video games is now official and hits stores shelves starting around September 1st with a $100 price drop. The new system, which is 33% smaller and 36% lighter is essentially identical to the current models (i.e. no PS2 backward compatibility) but with 120 GB hard drive and $299 price tag. For a video of the unboxing of the system, click here. If interested in buying the PS3 Slim from Amazon be sure to use the link to the left so my sites get some of the credit.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Hands-On - The game is probably six plus months away from release but portions of the single player campaign was made available for various game sites to play. Click the link for Joystik's first impressions of the game that looks like is going to be a must have game of the year.

Starcraft II's Dustin Browder Interview - Main lead on the development of the game, he talks about development of the game, the delay to 2010 for release, achievements, matchmaking system, Easter eggs, and much more.

Starcraft II Andy Chambers Interview - Discussion with creative director of the game as he discusses the single player story line which takes place about four years after the end of the Brood War storyline. The game has over 4000 lines of recorded dialogue.

Starcraft II Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay - Two videos, one shows off a cinematic sequence for the game and the other shows off various single player maps.

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