"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Monday, August 03, 2009

Special Comment on Health Care

Keith Olbermann knocked another one out of the part regarding the health care debate as the American public allows themselves to be lied to be Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats who have been clearly bought by the health care system who are worried that a public option would create the competition of good and services that up to know they have not really had to worry about.

They like to talk about how the government can't run anything, find let’s say that is true then what is the harm of the public option? Why fight it so desperately if it’s nothing to worry about. They say "hey do you want a bureaucrat deciding your care?" Well assuming you can even afford it, don't they anyway? Who makes the decision on what is covered and what isn't? Who decided how much the insurance will pay out and how much you have to? Oh yeah corporate bureaucrats who actually get raises and bonuses for making things better for the company at the expense of your health.

They say "what about the costs?" Yes what about them? What do you think happens when a simply flu that could have been taken care of with a quick doctor visit and anti-biotics turns into a medical emergency requiring hospital care simply because the person couldn't afford that initial visit? Which is cheaper? Getting people to see the doctor when they need to or making them delay until their own bodies takes the choice away? Now imagine that scenario times millions. That is why it will be cheaper, simply because people will get the cheaper care they need rather than waiting until a much more expensive consequence occurs.

The final argument is "what about your choices of coverage?" What choices? Unless you work the government you have one choice, whatever your employer decides if that. If you have a pre-existing condition and no coverage from an employer, the "choice" is made for you - you’re just out of luck. There is no choice in medical care anymore then there is choice is cable coverage, or gas or anything else. Sure they all have different names but the "choice" of cost and extent of coverage remains oddly uniform and lacking in any real competition.

There is no marketplace; there is no proof of capitalism when it comes to healthcare. The choice people need to make is do they want the Republican solution - do nothing or the Democrat solution - do something, anything that is better the current system. To me the choice is simply, something is better than nothing and that is the choice we really have right now.


  1. Wow, you sir, by way of your own argument, have proven yourself to be an idiot on this topic. But then, you do take your marching orders from a TALK SHOW so I guess it makes sense. Let's take your argument apart, shall we?

    "They like to talk about how the government can't run anything, fine let's say that us true then what is the harm of the public option?"

    ANSWER- Because it is your and my dollars that will be wasted you moron!!!! We're not talking about some guy putting his own money into a business that might fail ... this is our tax dollars! If it fails, our great grand kids will STILL be paying for a mistake!

    "What about the costs?" Again, your argument ... or is it Keith's? (so hard to tell with you) ... is invalid. You don't fix the costs of health care by letting the government start their own version of it. They pay $5,000 for a hammer! And what about medicare? Wow, that worked well. You pay into it now, but nobody wants to use the government care because you know you wait all day, and then get rushed out. How about we fix that one first? No? Hey, you're right, let's just throw another program on top of it. And if you think that government will be a kinder, gentler decision maker on your health, think again. The only difference between a private business and the government is that the government controls the country. If they fail, we all fail.

    "What about the choice of coverage?" You do have choices, and yes, choices are limited by financial means. But then YOU are a product of the current generation that thinks you deserve to get everything you want at a lower cost or better yet, FREE! And do you think you actually get other choices? If you don't want to go with your current provider, you go with the government. Wow, sign me up. This won't lower costs because the proposed healthcare plan states that if your company doesn't offer a healthcare program, you MUST go with the government option. And if they offer a healthcare program but not the government option, the company has to pay fees to the government. Not the insurance provider, but the company you work for has to pay these fees. So I miss how this will force the insurance companies to lower prices? I think you missed the part about how insurance companies are actually behind Obama on this. Oh no, wait ... you didn't miss it, Keith did. But since that's the only side you listen to, you kinda missed that part.

    The choice is do nothing or this???? Are you serious? I am outraged by the waste of space you are! Please donate your brain to someone who will actually use it! The Republicans have been overing solutions, you just choose not to pay attention to those. You listen only to one side of the story, and then post your "special comment on health care" as though you have the full story.

    I don't listen to talk shows on the radio nor the TV. My schedule for work makes it so I miss all of that. I read and do research and that is how I make my opinions. You want people to start taking your opinions seriously, stop regurgitating what Keith is saying, and actually do some thinking on your own for once.

  2. Oh, and a final thought ... it is generally agreed that the public school system (run by the government) is a joke when compared to private schools across the world. However, for some reason, you seem to think that something as complicated as healthcare can be run with ease by the government. Or, maybe you don't think it will be easy for them to run, and they will have ups and downs, but you think it will give us more options. You mean just like with school? We either go to public schools or pay $50,000 to go to a private school? Yeah ... that worked well. Love that competition the government creates!

    Blog owner, keep this in mind. The insurance companies are in lock step with this program. AARP, Aetna ... pretty much all of them. Why? Because, when the government takes over, they will still send you to a private insurance company.

    You're not gonna go to some pretty new government building ... you go to the same people. The only difference is that the insurance company will get my dollars for going to them, and my tax dollars for NOT going to them as well. Wow, sounds like win-win for the insurance company. But then, no, you're right ... this is a good plan because Keith approved it. Good call sir!