"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Special Comment - Stop the Lies

Sadly the health care coverage has devolved into a mess in this country. With a skill that only the GOP and their followers of stupid can manage, they have changed to conversation about health care into something other than how to fix it. The concern, magically, has become about fiscal policy at least for a few that are vaguely aware. For most though the argument is become just how unfair they think the world is because their team is not in charge of things. For the last 8 years it was "Bush knows what is best, don't argue with your President in a time of war!" to basically disagreeing with a great deal of hate and anger with anything and everything that is done, often by people who themselves need the help. If check the town hall meetings, often the most angry are older white men who are probably on Medicare complaining that the government will decide their healthcare and completely oblivious to the irony.

As Keith Olbermann points out below, all this is only fueled by the Republican machine of lies led by Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Glenn Beck. They don't counter with truth (the costs, better alternative plans, etc); no they counter with "death camps" and pretty much anything else they can make up. Newt, when confronts with "its not in the bill" lamely responds "its 1,000 pages long" basically meaning "I can make up whatever I want to get the idiotic base fired up and mad!". God forbid a rational argument be held using actually. I honestly don't know what is worse, that the "leaders" of the GOP are essentially trying to incite their followers to violence with lies or that their base after 8 years of similar lies continue to eat it up with a grin on their face and unquestioned obedience, not much better than a dog that fetches simply because his master told him too.

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