"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Friday, September 11, 2009

Link of the Day

Sarah Palin Hypocrisy - At this point it shouldn't be a surprise when Sarah Palin is once again caught talking out her ass in an attempt to get attention. As she continues the "death panel" meme, it turns out that she declared April 16, 2008 to be "Health Decisions Day" in Alaska. The goal for that day? To talk with health care providers about "advanced directives" i.e. the exact same thing the health care bill was going to provide counseling for. Even worse though is she is fighting hard to stop any healthcare reform even though 33% of Alaskans were not insured last year and the private insurance system the GOP is foaming at the mouth to defend is making it worse there with insurance rates going up 74% from 2000 to 2007 while wages only went up 13%. The really sad likely fact is that those same 33% that are not insured and 100% that are paying way more for less would all vote for again if given the chance.

Tron Reboot - Three amusing videos in the Tron environment. Mostly silly but I found them entertaining and pretty good effects and sounds that is faithful to the 1980s movie.

"I Will Not Read Your F$@#$ Script" - An entertaining read from A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson on why he has a policy of not reading people's scripts. The overall gist is that for him it is a lose-lose situation and I don't really blame him. When he does find time to read it, if he doesn't like it then a friend will think he is a douche for being honest. If he refuses to read it, then his friend will he think he is a douche for not providing his expertise. Since either way he will be a douche, he might as will go with the choice that will cause the least amount of grief.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies clip - A clip from the upcoming movie. It is based on the six part comic book story from five years ago that was a great over the top read that launched the Superman/Batman comic book series that is currently on issue #63 I believe. The gist is President Lex Luthor declares Superman and Batman enemies of the United States by "causing" an extinction event sized meteor to hit the Earth. As a result all the heroes and villains of the DC Universe go hunting for them. Now Supes and Bats much destroy the meteor while avoiding arrest at the hands of their friends or death from their enemies.

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