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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Links of the Day

Cash 4 Gold Sues to Silence Critics - Rather than provide a reasoned and realistic response to what appears to be very shady business practices (better off pawning your gold rather than sending to them), the company has decided to sue any and all critics in an effort to silence any negative press. This suing binge includes the Consumerist, two ex-workers, and ComplaintsBoard.com. What does this mean for you? Simple - don't do business with them, ever. Any company that sues to silence critics usually is not up to anything good and is trying to prevent anyone from learning how they do business, something that wouldn't be necessary if they were above board. Click the link for all the details but post on that and other web posts, Cash 4 Gold should be avoided.

2009 TV Season Premiere Dates - Click the link for a breakdown of when all favorite and new shows will premiere. Most will start up in September, few more in October and the rest in November.

Bank of America Trying to Avoid Government Fee - Bank of America, like many companies that received bailout money, somehow have had excellent quarters and now flush with money want to pay back the government so they can pay ridiculous amounts of bonuses to their executives. However, they just want to pay back the money interest and fee free. Something that if their customers tried to do they would probably have a fit and throw lawyers at. Funny how corporations all feel that the rules should apply to everyone that isn't them.

Healthcare Costs Can Destroy Families - Click the link for a story that the GOP tries to ignore in their quest to kill healthcare reform to protect their big business friends. Essentially it’s about a family that will likely become bankrupt and no longer afford college thanks to the excessive cost of caring for their husband and dad. The situation is bad enough that the hospital suggested the wife divorce him so that she doesn't get buried under the mounting debt that will accumulate for his care that their insurance company is refusing to pay for. Which leads to this very important statistic: "78 percent of these people actually had health insurance, but the gaps and inadequacies left them unprotected when they were hit by devastating bills." The irony is the fools helping the GOP in their cause of many of whom fall into that category, defending their inadequate healthcare plans with such rage. The fight for reform is really about your own family because unless you’re rich, you probably also have gaps in coverage that you will not learn about until those bills start piling up. Ultimately wanting healthcare reform is about creating a net for yourself in case you lose your job, can't get insurance because your job doesn't offer it or you have a pre-existing condition or simply can't afford it because of life's occasional curveballs. It may turn out that net isn't even necessary but wouldn't you feel a lot better about yourself and your family if you knew it was there?

GOP Rep Laughs at Uninsured Single Mother - Speaking of, this show video shows just how out of it the GOP is on the issue, simplifying as a problem with people unwilling to "be a grown-up and go buy the insurance." Because its real simple for them to get insurance with the many choices their jobs provide, they just assume it’s that easy for everyone. Since is so simple, the people complaining about not are able to afford or get coverage due to a pre-existing condition must simply be too lazy or stupid to get it. The GOP has one priority and it isn't God or country, its big business.

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