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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Links of the Day

Family Guy's Where's My Emmy - Click the link to view six videos that takes the classic Stewie "Where's My Money" gag and changes it to the Emmy's with lines unique to each show that Family Guy is competing against for Best Comedy at the Emmy Awards this season. My favorite is "Weeds" simply because Stewie doesn't think the show is worth it (why it’s a "comedy" category is beyond me). Also agree with the video, 30 Rock is a lock for the category.

Dangers of the GOP Pandering - An interesting statement from Dan Savage about the box that the GOP is putting itself in when trying to satisfy their religious base (see next post for how compassion isn't part of their morality set). The short hand of it is the GOP is fanning the flames of hate that essentially is demanding someone kill the President. Not directly but when you manufacture and sell the lies that Obama wants to kill your grandma, kill kids, kill your lifestyle (i.e. guns), and so forth, it is not a short leap for many of the crazies in the base to decide that offense is the best defense. The sad thing is Fox and the others would absolutely love it if Obama died simply because it would goose their ratings and the bottom line, not political ideology, is really all they care about.

GOPers Show Down Wheel Chair Bound Woman - Continuing example of how horrible the "discussion" is going on in these Town Hall meetings that are essentially about selling fear and hate that is the core of the GOP party. In this case a woman is concerned that she will lose her home due to mounting medical bills that her health insurance company isn't covering. The rest basically tried to shout her down. The video itself is worth watching as it points out that once again the GOP has successfully taken a difficult issue and devolved into "us" vs. "them" bullshit that only allows the extreme opinions to win or lose rather than trying to find the common ground (tort reform being a prime example). It seems these fools just don't get it, the GOP does not want reform, and they simply want to protect the health insurance company’s billion dollar profits. The American people are not a priority and never will be.
Can there be any room for a centrist at a health care reform town hall meeting

Spider-Woman Motion Comic - Click the link to get a free sample of the first issue of Spider-Woman motion comic that is available via iTunes. It basically take the 2D art work of a comic book and somehow gives it some basic movement with actors reading the various lines and thoughts of the characters. The effort is not as bad as I thought. The comic is being treated like a TV show with a "season pass" costing $8.99 or individual episodes costing $1.99.

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