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Monday, September 07, 2009

Links of the Day

Gina Carano, Movie Star? - The martial artist may get a chance at movie stardom thanks to Steven Soderbergh who may cast in his next movie "Knockout". I am mostly interested as just found the woman absolutely gorgeous when saw her on American Gladiators.

A Bookless School Library - As a potential sign of the future, a private school in the Boston area is eliminating its library and the books it contained and replacing it with a virtual solution. Cushing Academy is replacing its physical inventory of books with computers, monitors and digitals readers so that students can use the internet and services such as Amazon to get hold of the reading material they need. Its sounds good on paper but as a practical solution for millions of students, not so much sense most will not be able to get hold of the tech needed to take advantage of such a setup. On a whole though I do see most people moving to an entire digital only solution for all their entertainment where instead of bookshelves and racks of CDs, DVDs, games and books, everything will be contained on hard drives. It’s something I would like to move to, the only problem being I already have so much physical stuff (games, statues, books, comics, toys, etc) with no clue on how to unload it.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Trailer - The next installment of the Kingdom Hearts series is in the works and apparently going to be released on the PSP in Japan sometime next year. There currently is no US release date but that is likely to change.

Neil Gaiman's Library - While I wouldn't mind going all digital, if money wasn't an object then going in the opposite direction would definitely be up my alley with a personal library. Click the link for a gallery of images that shows off the writer's huge collection of books.

Attentionoob YouTube Channel - Click the link for a series of amusing videos (in German with English subtitles). Below is 10 things you shouldn't do at a grocery store (but looks like fun to do).

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