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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Links of the Day

Superman Films Tabled - Despite going through the expense of creating re-organizing DC Comics into DC Entertainment to take advantage of their properties for movies, WB has indicated that they are not going to make a Superman film anytime soon. I can't say I am surprised as they just can't seem to get their shit together even after Marvel showed them how for the last 10 years. What hasn't been explained to me is how this re-org will help matters as WB's biggest problem continues to be way to many executives involved in the process, all vying for that claim to fame.

Next DC Animated Film Announced - While the live action department continues to revel in its incompetence, the animated division continues to do its job masterfully. The next film is Justice League: Crisis on Two Earth aka Justice League versus the Crime Syndicate (i.e. evil JL from another universe). Since the action sequences in animated movies are only improving with each film, this one might be the best yet.

Blockbuster Death Watch - The once great video rental chain is trying to survive by closing around 800 stores by the end of next year. Their complete inability to adapt combined with it its history of rip off pricing is what allowed Netflix and others enter the market and grab their market share. If they had focused on creating happy customers, maybe millions wouldn't have jumped ship at the first change for better waters. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Tooth Provides Cure to Blindness - In a bit of surgical hocus pocus (and a lot of procedures) a blind woman was given sight with the aid of one of her own teeth. Click the link for a description of the complicated process but basically her own body parts were used to create an eye lens so she could see.

PSP Go Unboxing - A detailed look from box to operation of the new handheld device from Sony. Basically it is the PSP, only smaller with built in memory that tosses the UMD drive. Its best for those that like the downloading their video game content and not carrying cartridges around. I haven't played by regular PSP in years and yet I have a feeling I will get this despite not needing it.

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