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Monday, September 21, 2009

Links of the Day

2009 Emmy Award Winners - Last night was one of the better Emmy Award Ceremony in recent years thanks to the excellent hosting by Neil Patrick Harris. The highlight was the Dr. Horrible skit. Overall the winner's themselves were mostly predictable and forgettable but congratulations to all.

Best Buy $130 Scam - As the picture shows, Best Buy is offering its Geek Squad (a group of poorly trained sales people) as an option for hooking up a new Playstation 3 for the "low" price of $129.00. Frankly, if you consider paying for that "service" you should not be buying the PS3 much less playing video games at all as they will be far outside your comprehension levels. Better yet, pay a local kid $5 and they will hook it for you.

2009 Chevy Malibu vs. 1959 Bel Air - A pretty convincing demonstration of how far car safety has gone in 40 years as the two cars collide at 40mph in a driver side collision that totals both but in the Malibu the driver would likely survive while in the Bel Air he would have been crushed.

Ultimate Star Wars Collection - Take huge fan, lots of money and great display cases and you get the gallery an awesomely displayed Star Wars collection that any fan would drool to have. I have an excessive amount of comic and Transformers related stuff that I would love to be able to display like that but money and space prevents it.

Cash 4 Gold Threatens Jail - The clearly corrupt company of con artists that pay less for gold then even pawn shops is threatening jail time to for those that refuse to remove negative comments about the company. Any time a company threatens free speech in an attempt to white wash a bad reputation, it is a clear sign that you should never do business with them.

Hack the Wii - From G4, a quick guide on how to hack the Wii so can play emulated games and more for free.

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