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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Links of the Day

JL: Crisis on Two Earths Preview - A look at the next animated movie from DC that is the Justice League vs. the evil Justice League (Crime Syndicate). Overall, shows lots of potential.

Saturn Officially Dead - Despite best efforts to keep it going with a potential deal with Penske Automotive Group, Saturn is going to cease as a brand by end of 2010 as part of GM's reorganization. There are 350 dealers that likely will have to close their door and no telling how many jobs will be lost.

PS3 Slim Laptop - From modder extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn comes his latest creation. The device is essentially the PS3 slim jammed into a Dell laptop chassis and the result is pretty cool.

California Valets Breaking the Law - An interesting report from an LA station that shows the lengths valet companies go to get their overpriced buck for parking cars. The main point is if the companies are doing this in LA, chances are they are doing it elsewhere so its behavior to be aware of, especially if you valet a lot. Personally, a sign of a restaurant probably not worth going to (high price, small portions, and crap service) is ones that have valets.

PSP Go Games Cost More - If you need another reason to not by a PSP Go, here is another. It turns out that buying the exact same game for the PSP costs more than it does on the iPhone and often with crippled features like online and multi-player options being removed. The net result is until Sony decides to price competitively and does something transferring UMD owned titles to the Go; there is no solid reason to pay the high price of the Go.

$1 Million Batmobile Replica - For those with too much money, here is a 700 horsepower Batmobile built over a 1973 Lincoln Continental that is loaded with gadgets including a plasma TV, rearview cameras and more.

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