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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Links of the Day

Barnes & Noble's Nook Official - The companies answer to Amazon's Kindle has officially been announced. It does seem to address some areas that might be preventing wide acceptance of the e-book market. This version has two screens (video), one for reading and another as a color touch screen. The solution provides a touch of color for images and book covers along with a touch keyboard. The operating system is based on Google's Android OS which indicates greater expandability in the future, something the Kindle isn't capable of (as a result it supports more formats including pdf, epub, eReader, mp3, PNG, JPG, and GIF). Electronic downloading is providing by AT&T, but also includes Wi-Fi for faster connection. It has 2GB of built in memory but as an SD slot for additional storage. The device is thicker then the Kindle but has a removable battery, headphone jack and speaker. The battery power is rated for 10 days on average (2 days if use extra features a lot) and will sell for $259 (like the Kindle) when released in November (comparison chart). Over all this is the first time I have read stats that makes considering buying one of these devices worth considering.

Inside Ben Heck's Home - Pretty much the undisputed king of video game modding provides a peak into his home and work space in the below video.

Starcraft II Battle Report 4 - Click the link to go to an Italian website that shows off a new battle report for Starcraft II as it shows off some pretty cool tactics that new features of the game allows on the "Lost Temple" map.

Motion Comics the Future of Comics? - Neal Adams, long time Batman writer, indicates that he feels the future of the comics could be in motion. Considering the example below, I can see why he might feel that way as the trailer for Astonishing X-Men shows. I wouldn't mind seeing how they take static images and give them as much movement as they do considering the limitations of what they are dealing with.

Apple's New Products - A day after Apple's stock reaches new highs (why didn't I get any in 2001 when I knew the iPod would be a hit?), the company has announced new and updated products. Part of that includes a re-introduction of the iMac all-in one computer with screen size that begins at 21.5'' ($1,199) to 27'' ($1,999). The MacBook now has a 13'' ($999), new designs for the apple keyboard, mouse and remote, and tweaked Mac Minis. Overall the prices remain the same, the chips and memory have been upgraded and the "Apple tax" remains high as always on their entire line of products.

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