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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Links of the Day

Lego Pop-Up Box - Like a pop-up book but only a Lego box that opens up to reveal a building scene. The design and idea is very slick.

Pixar Intro Parody - If letters were alive and one was squished by a living lamp, the results probably wouldn't be as precious as this video shows.

Windows 7 Guide - From Lifehacker, a link fest of information about the new operating system, useful for anyone about to upgrade or considering an upgrade. My quickie advice if your upgrading is a) backup backup backup b) don't forget to backup your bookmarks c) note your favorite programs and any special settings so can reinstall and reconfigure after if needed.

Wife Has Cancer? No Insurance? Join the Army - A sign of how bad it is while Republicans and their sheep pretend it’s not, a 39 year old man has to join the army to make sure he and his family have their healthcare coverage they need because of the cancer his wife is fighting. He lost his job earlier in the year and his options were limited. Like most, he didn't think it could happen to him, wasn't prepared and didn't even care about the healthcare debate going on. The lesson for everyone before forming an opinion on the public option is first consider what would happen if you lost your job and couldn't replace it right away like is occurring to millions of Americans. If after considering that scenario and your still against a public option then my hat is off to you for at least giving the issue more thought then most seem to nowadays.

Indefensible - A bill amendment created by Senator Al Franken would prevent companies from having US contracts if they prevent their employees from taking sexual assault (such as rape), battery and discrimination cases to court. The reason for the law was because of the repeated raping of Jamie Leigh Jones by Halliburton and KBR contractors while overseas. She can't really prosecute them (happened outside US jurisdiction) but you would think a civil case would be allowed, but thanks to Halliburton's lawyers she isn't even allowed to do that. So basically the company and their employees are legally allowed to rape woman as long as it doesn't happen on US land. It sounds like a slam dunk yes for everyone regardless of party but it turns out that 30 Republicans considered it a "political shot" at Halliburton and vote no. This includes ex presidential candidate John McCain. In effect, when given a chance to vote for a corporation or for protecting rape victims, they went with the corporation. As the report below shows, that choice is having at least a minor impact on those Republicans who are refusing to go on the record on why they voted the way they did (real reason is money). Sadly I doubt this will have an impact on their re-election bids as most are in Republican strongholds.

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