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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Links of the Day

Medical Waste - A new report shows the many ways the current healthcare insurance system causes a great deal of waste. 40% is for unnecessary care caused by doctors either ordering unneeded tests because it’s profitable or simply to avoid the risk of lawsuits. 19% is flat out fraud of filing claims for medical care that didn't occur. 17% if for the administrative overhead, you know the copious amounts of claim forms you have to fill out. 6% is for preventative conditions that should never have become medical emergencies. There is more but the next result is around $600 to $850 billion a year could be saved by simply making the system more efficient and more focused on patient care, not profit. Note that the savings is about the cost over 10 years for universal coverage with public option. However, considering insurance companies make a lot of profit from these inefficiencies, they will continue to fight tooth and nail to prevent any changes and use the GOP sheep to help in that battle.

24 Season 8 Trailer - The new season starts in January and as the trailer shows, things go boom as Jack Bauer exits retirement to continue the yelling and blowing things up.

Nightline Report on Scientology - Below is the first part of six segments as Nightline from a week ago. At the link are also various articles from ABC about the cult whose tactics are essentially criminal but uses the cloak of "religion" to continue their practices. Of note is when asked about "Xenu", the spokesperson refuses to respond and ends the interview. Why you ask? Because "Xenu" aka the cults "Devil" is part of their origin myth (involving aliens and volcanoes, no not kidding) that normally costs members literally tens of thousands of dollars to learn about. Yes, cost. Scientology charges for its "classes" and books, much like if Christianity were to charge for Sunday School and the opportunity to read the chapters of the Bible.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

GameBoy 20th Anniversary Retrospective - Below is a decent video that covers the long history of the first real portable game system that continues in the DSi.

Golf Ball Technology Meets the Car - From Mythbusters is apparent proof that golf-ball dimpling on your car can create a more fuel efficient car. It’s not a leap to assume this also means a faster car. While not the future of car design due to aesthetics, it nevertheless makes for an interesting idea.

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