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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Special Comment - Healthcare

In a first, Keith Olbermann devoted an entire episode of Countdown to a Special Comment on the healthcare debate. The reason seems to be the horrible experiences his father has experienced under our current healthcare system governed by corporate bureaucrats driven by bonuses rather than providing proper healthcare. The biggest problem I have with the debate is what is driving the whys (high costs, government bureaucrats deciding care, rationing, and more) are the very things already going on now only its being done by corporate executives who want their bonuses and drones that simply want to keep their jobs.

The choice being offered right now is real simple - do something or do nothing. The Democrats are at least trying to do something. The Republicans are offering the option of doing nothing. I think there are few, conservatives or liberals who feel doing nothing is the best way to go. They may advocate Corporate Socialism, but I advocate caring for my fellow Americans or to just be more selfish, myself.

Ultimately, the public option is really insurance for health insurance. It’s there for when your current insurance says no, because it’s not covered, you didn’t feel out the form properly, you reached your maximum or you simply can’t afford to continue the premiums because you lost your job. Much like health insurance is for the catastrophic moments we have no control over such as getting cancer, breaking bones, a car accident and so much more, the public option is for those moments such as losing your job, pre-existing condition or a company that simple doesn’t offer it.

What you should consider isn’t “I have insurance, why should I care?” but what if you no longer have a job. What then? The "public option" is your fallback position for you and your family if the worse happens. You should want it there, you should demand it be there just in case. What Republicans are promising is nothing. No fallback position, no coverage regardless of life’s curveballs. They promise simple nothing but a series of no.

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