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Monday, November 09, 2009

Links of the Day

Art of Nicole Brune - Just got back from Las Vegas for a vacation (only lost a few hundred to the tables). As part of that got to see the fantastic art of Nicole Brune, who recently got a contract with Spencer's for a line of Alice in Wonderland posters (with a sexy twist of course). I was lucky enough to talk to the stunningly beautiful and sweet Nicole who revealed a geek side with familiarity with Transformers, comics (she is a Marvel girl) and more. Sadly married but that didn't stop me from taking a photo of her, shortly thereafter my iPhone broke (dropped) and the picture lost ($200 flushed) to my great irritation. Click the link above for a look at her efforts (more here). To see why she will be the most memorable part of the trip, hit her bio link or do a Google for her modeling name Nikki Christian. If you like sexy pin-up art, be sure to check her out.

Why Different Power Plugs for Different Countries - Click the link for a straight forward explanation on why it seems nearly every country in the world has its own standard on power plugs (therefore requiring adapters for travelers). It essentially comes down to no real attempt at creating a worldwide standard (such ideas didn't exist nor really necessary then) when the power grid was being built and the high cost to introduce it now.

Lego Bone Dragon - Not sure how it was built, but it looks great. This Lego Bone Dragon would make a great store style set, maybe even a new line. Click the link for more pictures.

Steven Tyler Quit Aerosmith - After ending their latest concert tour, it appears that lead singer of the group has quit. At least that is what the group's guitarist Joe Perry is saying. I assume this means the group is defunct again until the inevitable reunion 5-10 years from now. Considering the band hasn't really produced anything new in quite a while, it doesn't seem like the lost to the music world that it might have been a decade or so ago.

Bizarre Scientology Conversation - Video of a really a conversation with a Scientologist. Notice the strange use of English, odd sentence structure, the constant inability to answer simple direct questions, and constant unnecessary personal attacks. This style of deflecting is actually taught (for a fee of course) and encouraged by the cult. Pay special note is the comment about hitting his wife. Another favorite is "why did you kill your baby" and other made up accusations to get the questioner to back down.

SNL's Fox Skit - Amusing bit from this week's SNL that makes fun of Fox's coverage of their recent election coverage that took minor events (election of two governors) and turned it into something akin to a presidential election. The best part is the spot on nail of the crazy that is Glenn Beck.

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