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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Links of the Day

Google Chrome OS Official - Google held its official press conference to announce their next big idea which is a web browser / operating system hybrid. The idea is to create an OS that will run on most computers, especially netbooks, which do internet tasks very fast. The problem though is that will be all the computer will do. So if you likes games, editing movies, have your own media, pretty much anything that can't be accessed or run via "the cloud" then you will need a separate computer. To me its limitations outweigh its benefits. However, if the idea can cause the price of a netbook to go to around $100 then suddenly it might very well be worth it.

Epic HDTV Buyer's Guide Flowchart - Click the link to view an amusing and helpful flowchart to determine what is the best type and size HDTV to buy. I found it useful as do to space limitations, I know now to save some money and buy a 32'' 760p HDTV instead of paying the extra $300 for 1080p, 120Htz system that I don't really need.

What Happens To Your Accounts When You Die? - A nice breakdown of what happens to some email and social networking sites after you die and also how your next of kin could access those account if needed. At the very least it helps you determine what info you need to prepare in advance just in case.

Daily Show's Lou Dobbs Interview - An interesting interview with the no ex-CNN host Lou Dobbs. The best part for me is Jon Stewart articulates rather well the frustration I have with the right's sudden anger while Dobbs fails to explain "why now?" Out of nowhere there are these groups, many that Dobbs agrees with, that have suddenly found their anger and hate the direction the country is moving in. Yet none can explain why now? Why were two wars, many lies, Patriot Act and so much more not the final straw? Why is healthcare the thing that sent them over the edge? Dobbs claims it’s because Obama is doing trying to turn the country left to sharply but when asked "how?" he can't answer that. Most people will agree that Obama hasn't really done that much in these last 11 months yet somehow he has magically taken the country left by doing nothing? And over an issue that has been around since the 1930s? Yes you read that right, the debate over universal healthcare in the US started with Roosevelt. It is not new; it is not a "sharp left turn". Those that think it is once again show their ignorance of history, like Lou Dobbs who I would think would know more than most but clearly doesn't.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Experiences at a Free Clinic - Part of the healthcare story that no one, especially Faux News, is willing to cover. From the video is a summary of an essay by Rich Stockwell of his visit at a New Orleans free clinic. The heart of the problem is so many, including 83% of them employed, that simply cannot afford to see a doctor on a regular basis to get the preventative care needed that will stop a minor issue from becoming a life threatening and expensive condition. It’s an example of why universal healthcare and the public option are needed. For all the talk of expense, the net result of a system that makes it a truly affordable and viable option to see a doctor (rather than an ER) will drive costs down and actually save this country money.

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