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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Links of the Day

Iron Man 2 Teaser Poster - The movie is still about six months away but finally get a look at Iron Man and War Machine for the sequel that is just bad-ass looking.

Comcast Buys NBC Universal - Barring the FCC preventing it (unlikely), by this time next year Comcast will own about 51% of the company for $5.8 billion and lots of their debt. The resulting deal will make the company one of the largest entertainment entities in the world. The purchase gives Comcast control of NBC, their sister channels like MSNBC, SyFy, Bravo, USA, Universal Pictures movie studio, theme parks and more. Exactly what changes this means for their employees (besides layoffs) and fans of their various forms of entertainment remains to be seen. Comcast's current networks include E!, Versus, G4, and few others, all of which are geared to a small demographic with lots of cheap programming, well the future isn't looking bright.

Bourne Franchise Ending? - In a sign of what happens when money and ego collide, Bourne director Paul Greengrass has walked off the fourth installment of the movie (and taking Matt Damon with him) after a disagreement with Universal over the excessive cost ($100 million plus) of his other project The Green Zone. The movie, which is about an aspect of the Iraq War, was supposed to be an "independent" style movie with a low budget as it is a passion project for the director. Instead it is now a movie with blockbuster style budget for a genre of film that has tanked spectacularly over the last several years. It sounds like Greengrass screwed up (not going over budget is a fundamental part of a director's job), knows it, and rather than admit it he chooses to use the only leverage he as with the Bourne franchise and Damon's loyalty. Net result is the fans get screwed.

YouTube Filmmaker Gets Hollywood Deal - Proof that filmmakers posting their wares on YouTube can win the Hollywood lottery. Fede Alvarex has signed a six to seven figure deal with Sam Raimi's (Spider-Man director) Ghost House company for his idea "Panic Attack!" idea that he made into an inexpensive but very impressive short (below). Once you see the video, you will understand why Hollywood came knocking.

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