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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Links of the Day

Sprint Provides Customer GPS Data To Cops - It has been discovered that Sprint provided cops with GPS data (i.e. the person's location) at least 8 million times last year. They even created a special website for they can get the data easily and at anytime without proof of need. Since the Telecoms rarely work independently, it is safe to assume that all the others have similar programs. Technically a person's physical location isn't protected, but you think it would be by common sense and decency.

Happy Birthday Playstation - The brand has turned 15. It first debuted in 1994, creating the 32bit system and directly competing with the Super NES. It is now a major contender that at one time toppled Nintendo from its perch. While I remain a Nintendo fanboy, the PS is a close second.

Inside "At The Movies" Implosion - A kind but critical write-up from Roger Ebert about the destruction of At The Movies after he was essentially forced to quit due to cancer that took his voice after a successful fight. The show evolved into some ET clone nonsense of crap, was more or less cancelled and then came back again but sadly without the magic of the old set and style. Ebert is missed but his blog is a great read.

Why Comcast/NBC Merge is Bad - Currently hypothetical, but considering how American businesses work nowadays with eye on the bonus rather than long tern success of the company, I see the concerns becoming true. In this case, the merger is likely to create even more media consolidation, eliminate free video streaming, lead to increase rates, forced bundling and more.

Family Guy: Something, Something, Something Dark Side Trailer - The sequel to Blue Harvest, their spoof of Star Wars. This one takes on The Empire Strikes Back and is coming to DVD on December 22nd. Not sure when it will air on Fox but assume sometime next year, maybe as a May finale thing.

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  1. Are you sure PS is from 1984? I think it was 1994, since I'm from '84 and are 25 years old... ^_^