"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Links of the Day

Batman: The Animated Series Bible - Click the link for a PDF file that shows the bible to one of the best cartoon series of all time. It provides what the designed approach for the series was (much of which changed) along with lots of artwork for the characters, objects and Gotham. If a fan, it’s worth looking through.

Lord of the Rings Trilogy on Blu-ray - Warner Bros. has officially announced the release date as April 6th, 2010 for a nine disc set based on the theatrical version of the film that will include most of the special features from the various DVD releases and online content. The retail price is $100 but likely will be around $60-$70 for that first week of release.

2009 Golden Globe Nominations - One of the few award ceremonies that mix TV and movies together when one big Hollywood a$#kissing fest. The winners are decided by the "Foreign Press Association" which is really just a random collection of people, most of whom don't do any actual reporting of any kind. Yet for reasons unknown, the Globes have become a de facto crib sheet for deciding many of the Oscar categories. I would attempt to predict the winners but honestly don't really care who wins or not.

Robin Hood Trailer - First full trailer for the Ridley Scott version of the character that is played by Russell Crowe. Probably good this is the first trailer as it did pretty much nothing to make me want to see this film.

Let Them Sing It for You - Amusing site that has a player that "sings" to you whatever you type in the field. The words are taken from many different pop culture songs resulting in rather odd combinations.

I Got a Feeling Parody - An amusing parody of the song, approached as if waking up hangover and trying to remember the night before.

2009, the Newsical - Mix together all the random news events of the year (mostly pop culture) and autotune it for the amusing result below.

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