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Friday, December 18, 2009

Links of the Day

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks - For those stuck getting the second (2nd) Ferrus letter, I had the same problem. The letter finally became available after I got the 20th stamp for Niko. That stamp is located at the Tower of Spirits on the top level (same place got the Bow of Light). The way to get that is simply got back into the tower after defeating Byrne. Run up the stair column, hit the blue light, go up the stairs, past the arena fought where fought him and run up the last set of stairs. Hit the comments if this proved useful.

World's Largest Image - The pic to the left is of Dresden, Germany. It is a copy of the world's largest image of a 26 gigapizel view of the city. The pic was the result of 16555 photos and 94 hours of stitching together.

Saab Closing - GM has announced the end of another car brand with the Saab being discontinued. GM will continue to honor warranties and provide service and parts but closing plants, etc will begin very soon. The closing is an attempt by GM to consolidate and become profitable.

Terminator Franchise Sold for $1 - In an interview with James Cameron comes a mild shock. He actually sold the franchise away for $1 back in the day (year wasn't specified). Considering it has become a bit of a curse with multiple production companies failing with each movie, he might have actually made a solid business deal.

Inflight Wi-Fi Cheat Sheet - For those traveling for the holiday, hit up the think to find out if and for how much it will cost you to surf the net while flying. The short answer is almost all of them are rip-offs with JetBlue being the only free provider.

Deficit Graph - That image to the right is from the Congressional Budget Office and estimates what will be the largest contributor to the deficit over the next 10 years. The short answer is Bush's tax cuts if they are made permanent. Tax cuts that only benefited the rich but seriously hampered the government's revenue stream. Oh I know, some think it helped them but have you actually compared you tax payouts year to year. Do you see a big difference? Yeah neither do I. The next largest is Bush's two wars. The thin red line and beige line are for all that Tarp and stimulus spending that had Republicans and "Tea Party" members suddenly up in arms. Funny how that works. GOP spending = good. Dem spending, even when dramatically less = bad.

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