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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Links of the Day - Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Before and After - Click the link to view images of Haiti before and after the 7.0 earthquake including a Google Earth app that helps compare with more detail.

How and Where to Donate to Haiti (and Avoid Scams) - Click this link to learn the best places to donate and also avoid scams. Probably the most important bit of information is the grim reality is money is the main thing that is needed, not items. It is basically cheaper and more effective use of people and time to use the money to ship large volume of needed supplies then trying to get boxes of stuff that people have donated and have to sift through to determine what is useful and what is not.

Game Over for Conan - Still in the rumor phase but apparently that egomaniac fool that is Jay Leno has inked a deal to take over the 11:35 time slot. Likely it will be The Tonight Show as a) that is what Leno gets and apparently NBC is his bitch and b) NBC CEO Jeff Zucker (god what an idiot, Comcast needs to fire him) is angry at Conan for just not bending over and taking it. The problem is most MBA carrying fools think their business backgrounds makes them knowledgeable on all things and that admitting to a mistake is weakness. Since Zucker hitched his wagon to Leno, he will take it over a cliff before backing down. I think long term NBC is making a mistake as Leno has no real room for growth, will likely really retire in five or so years, and a large portion of his audience is an older demographic that advertisers don't particularly care for. The only question that remains is will Conan get money for breach of contract and will he be allowed to do a talk show elsewhere. I am thinking his options are a) take the midnight slot, get paid lots of money and like it b) quit, get his penalty money ($60M) but can't do a show until 2013 or c) quit, and don't get money but can do a show now. NBC probably prefers choice C as they think Leno is the better choice and they save $60 million. Conan's lawyers are probably shooting for choice d (which will never happen) of getting his $60 million and can do a new show. Of course Leno could just retire like he promised six years ago and this all goes away but Leno's ego is now too involved to let that happen either.

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