"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Links of the Day - Video Edition

What You See Isn't Always What You Get - A pretty sweep video that shows off just how extensively green screen is now used on television, often in places wouldn't think even necessary.

Blame It on the Pop Mashup - Very slick mashup of the top 25 songs of 2009 that creates a brand new song that is actually pretty good sounding. Shame radio and MTV is so out now as this should be on their rotation.

Lego Universe Trailer - Look at a cinematic for the upcoming MMORPG that takes place entirely in the Lego world. Details of the game are unknown but if this trailer is accurate, it might just be worth checking out.

How Tough are NES Games? - It turns out the games, even 25 years later, can take a heck of a beating and keep on working. Games today practically break if look at them to hard, once again reminding us that they really don't make things like they use to (more money in replacing things).

Conan O'Brien Refuses Tonight Show Move - Today Conan officially confirmed that he is not willing to move to the midnight time slot to accommodate Jay Leno after his program failed at 10pm. What this means is unknown, I guess depends on the particulars of the various hosts contracts but sounds like Leno will probably be handed The Tonight Show again. Despite Leno's claims of being the victim of NBC's incompetence, he is the one that created this situation to begin with when he refused to retire as promised five years ago. The entire reason for the change was Leno decided to step down. When the time was up he changed his mind but contracts had already been signed. So rather than risk him going to another network and to save money the NBC powers gave him the 10pm slot. That move completely failed, mostly because Leno simply isn't funny. At this point Leno should be the gentlemen and simply take a bow and exit stage left but clearly he refuses to and NBC is enabling his egotistic behavior. It is shameful what is occurring and seriously believe that if a Jay Leno Tonight Show starts airing, a boycott should begin. Not just with viewers refusing to watch but websites, no matter what he does, should not so much as write one sentence about his program. It is time the public stopped putting up with the egos of the filthy rich. Also keep in mind the issue isn't just one fired host; it is also the dozens of staff for the show that will be out of jobs. As for the video portion, click here to watch video of the various night time hosts weighing in on the debacle.

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