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Monday, January 11, 2010

Links of the Day

Spider-Man 4 Scrapped - Columbia has officially announced that they are no longer moving ahead with plans to make Spider-Man 4 and intend to reboot the franchise from scratch for a summer 2012 release. This means that Spider-Man stars and director Sam Raimi will not be returning to the franchise. It sounds like the reboot intends to use Ultimate Spider-Man comic series as a model which follows 16 year old Peter Parker as he lives the life of a regular teenager but with the added problems of a secret identity. The reason for the change is partly creative reasons as the studio and Raimi could not decide on a villain for the movie but also costs as suddenly about $50 million in salary just for Dunst, Maguire and Raimi will be saved (or reallocated for effects). The quality of the reboot will tell us if this was a wise move or not.

CES 2009 Linkfest - Click the link to view some of the best products shown at CES this year. Most of it seems like vaporware that will likely never be seen at the local Best Buy but the possibilities are still pretty sweet. I think my favorite piece of tech is the transparent display that looks almost just like how it was shown in Avatar.

Leno Experiment Ended - NBC has announced they are ending the Jay Leno show at 10 after the Olympics. The goal is to give Leno 11:35pm to 12:05am, followed by an hour of the Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel with Carson Daly cancelled. However, Conan O'Brian has to sign off on the deal. If he doesn't, NBC will have to buy either him or Leno out of their contract. What will replace him at 10pm has not been announced but I suspect all three Law & Orders will move to 10 with a reality show filling out one day and a repeat for Friday night. NBC still has a few mid-season shows to introduce to fill out the shifted programming. Next season the network has a record 19 pilots on order so depending on how those turn out the volume of cancelled shows and schedule changes between this season and next could be massive.

McGwire Admits Steroid Use - Remember how back in 1998 McGwire broke Roger Maris' home run record with 70 in one season? He now admits he was assisted with steroid. Remember all those people that defended him and saying it wasn't true? Be sure to do an "I told you so". Any idiot could see something was going on with his body with the bigger arms and thicker next, something that simply doesn't occur with men in their late 30s without chemical help. I would think this would make all his records invalid and end any chance for the Hall of Fame. However, for whatever reason baseball only considers gambling a banning offense, everything else is ok as long as you were famous enough to fill seats.

Palin Signs on with Fox - The only real question is "What took so long?". It wasn't an issue of "if" but when Sarah Palin would join Fox News extensive list of pundits (do they even have real reporters anymore?). She isn't going to get her own show (probably wise as she doesn't seem reliable) but I am sure they will use her at every chance they can. I figure her scripted moments and speeches were hilarious acts of nonsense so curious what responses we might get from unscripted moments. Oh who are we kidding, when in doubt (which will be often) she will retreat to the talking points. Detailed analysis is beyond her scope which makes her perfect for Fox.

NetFlix Queue by ZipCode for 12 Cities - Click the link to view an interactive map for 12 cities that is further divided by zip code that shows how 100 titles were rented by NetFlix customers. If your familiar with the city, it is a neat way to see how demographics plays into what is rented most.

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