"An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted." - Arthur Miller

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Links of the Day

Better Off Ted Outtakes (NSFW) - Amusing click of outtakes from Wednesday's episode as the gang improv insults to each other, many of which are not broadcast (nor child) safe due to language.

Official A-Team Trailer - Fox has released the movie's trailer, now in HD so looks better then did last week. The movie has the feel of the TV series (good) but still not sold.

Rep. Alan Grayson on Republicans' "The Exception" - The 8th district representative from Florida rips Republicans a new one for their tendency to forget recent history. The economy is Obama's fault, there was never a terrorist attack under Bush (forgetting 9/11, shoe bomber, and more), and so forth. As he puts it, "...the birth of a new form of political discourse from the right wing in this country: The Exception. The Exceptional Exception -- the exception that proves the rule or disproves the rule..." What is really sad is most American's are so stupid that since they too have forgotten recent history they tend to eat it up.

Maddow on McCain, Palin Pick - On her show yesterday, the host tore That Whore McCain a new one for essentially introducing the mind numbing constant stupidity and perpetually state of victimhood that is Sarah Palin. As she points out, the choice was clearly made not thinking about what was best for this country (who could become President if the current dies), but what he thought would simply get him into office. He essentially Googled her, saw she was pretty and her views was the same as "The Base" that he had failed to get the support of. The problem is Google doesn't show level of stupidity or at least complete and total lack of curiosity. As keeps being demonstrated over and over, Palin simply doesn't care to know things. Fine for most, knowledge of stuff not really needed day to day, but when your goal is higher office and those decisions have the potential to effect millions, shouldn't basic knowledge of history, how government works, current events and more are a basic requirement? It is like trying to hire a tax preparer and not particularly caring if he can do basic arithmetic. To "The Base", that is just elitism, to the rest of us that is called being prepared. That Whore McCain's worst crime is now her brand of stupidity will be on Fox News for years to come.

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