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Friday, January 15, 2010

Links of the Day

Hope for Haiti Telethon Next Friday - It is official that ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, BET, CW, HBO, MTV, VH1 and CMT (with probably more later) will run a two hour special telethon for Haiti. The special will include reports from Haiti by Anderson Cooper, and entertainment from Los Angeles (hosted by George Clooney) and New York City (hosted by Wyclef Jean). List of performers have not yet been announced. All proceeds will be split evenly among five relief organizations currently operating in Haiti: Oxfam America, Partners in Health, the Red Cross, UNICEF and Yele Haiti Foundation (www.yele.org -- text to give at 501501).

Conan's Exit Decided - Rumors continue on the Leno (who I refuse to ever watch again) caused Late Night wars. It appears that NBC has finally decided that since it can't have its undeserved cake to let Conan O'Brien go and decide his own future. Apparently the proposed settlement is a payout (that is probably below the $60 million in his contract) with no enforcement of a no compete clause. This means that if Fox (about the only network really that could afford him) decides to do a late night show, Conan can probably get one going by the end of the summer in time for next fall. Nothing official yet, and still not ideal (which would be Leno keeping his promise to retire) but it does mean this rather bit of television history will soon come to a close.

Dick Eberson Dickish Response to Conan - He is the chairman of NBC Sports, part of the decision machine that helped NBC go from first to last over the last decade. In responding to Conan's "behavior" he stated it was "chicken-hearted and gutless to blame a guy you couldn't beat in the ratings." As has to be repeated since NBC and Leno are forgetting history in their quest to try and be victims, Leno agreed six years ago to retire in 2009 with Conan taking over the Tonight Show. In 2009 Leno instead basically extorted NBC by telling them they either had to give him a show or he would jump to another network. Leno broke his promises, not Conan. I suspect if Dick had been treated this way he would be raising holy hell but I guess kissing Leno rear is more important.

Planet Hulk clip - Scene from the next animated direct to DVD video from Marvel. In the comics the story was Hulk being exiled from Earth by some of Earth's heroes after another destructive rampage. While on this new and dangerous planet, the Hulk unites its people against a tyrant king.

Avatar's Designs and Effects - Click the link to read a pretty long article about some of the design decisions for the great look and effects of the movie. It includes a pretty cool behind the scenes type gallery.

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