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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Links of the Day

GOP Wins Kennedy's Senate Seat - GOP/Tea Bagger Scott Brown has one Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in short but brutal fight that continued to show that the GOP knows how to fight while the Dems just know how to cower. His opponent, Martha Coakley, had a huge lead a few weeks ago but it was whittled down under a barrage of attacks, waffling on issues by her, and multiple gaffes around baseball (which apparently is a big deal in Massachusetts. The net result is the Democrats have lost their super majority in the Senate and considering how they operated with a majority (barely getting anything done while conceding to whatever the GOP wanted), without it I expect Congress to grind to a halt as Scott Brown has made it clear his agenda is to block whatever President Obama supports. The pundits are going to declare this a referendum on Obama and thus proving he is a lame duck President. Way too early for that but considering how the Democrats have been completely unable to lead on any issue for the last year, this will lead to a resurgence of the GOP's will and a growth in the Tea Party movement (which isn't good news for the GOP in the long term). In the short term, the election is likely to lead to the defeat of the healthcare bill which has reached the point of becoming irrelevant anyway due to reform of any kind being ripped out by the GOP and Dem "Blue Dogs". To me the main lesson is the Democrats do not know how to field viable candidates, still do not know how to run election and that Obama is being entirely too weak on using his political power effectively and leading the party like he is supposed to. As long as the GOP continues to win press cycles, they will continue to win votes. Speaking of Brown, wow his wife and daughter are gorgeous.

Taco Bell Founder Dead at 86 - Glen Bell Jr, who created the Taco Bell chain, died yesterday. He launched the first restaurant in 1948 with Bell's Drive-In which served hamburgers and hot dogs through drive-in windows. In 1962 in Downey, CA, he launched the first Taco Bell restaurant. By 1978, he sold is 868 restaurants to PepsiCo for $125 million. Now the company is owned by Yum Brands with 5600 US locations. A tip to the Taco King and the food I have enjoyed these many years. Condolences to his family.

US Torchwood Planned - Fox is considering bringing Torchwood to the US. The name is an anagram of Doctor Who, the show it was spun off of. The UK version has a lead hero who sexually went both ways, morally not all there and often dark in tone. Something US audiences tend to dislike. Exactly how the reboot will work is unspecified but the John Barrowman, who played immortal Captain Jack Harkness may star in the pilot. The script will be written by original series creator Russell Davies. If this was on FX, I would consider this good news. Since it is not, the result will probably be a watered down mess that emulates Fringe only with aliens and more humor.

MacGruber Trailer (NSFW) - The first trailer for the upcoming movie from the SNL skit which was a goofy take of the MacGyver television series. To me it looks like all the other SNL movies...a skit that wore out its welcome.

Late Night Wars Continue - Click the link to view the latest round of jokes and jabs about the NBC/Jay Leno fiasco. The current news is Leno is officially getting the Tonight Show again after the Olympics and Conan's last day is this Friday but he will get around $30 million with ability to start his own show. Overall an epic disaster fueled purely by ego. Also a mistake that will cost NBC as Leno's viewers will only get older while Conan's will skew younger, something that matters to advertisers that keep NBC profitable.

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