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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Links of the Day

Tonight Show Deal Announced - NBC has officially announced the exit of Conan and the return of Leno to The Tonight Show. Conan is going to get around $32 million for leaving early, his staff gets $12 million. His last show is tomorrow and he cannot start a new show until September 1st. He also is not allowed to use any concepts created for NBC such as "In the Year 2000", Triumph The Insult Comic Dog, and more (most retired skits anyway). Leno gets to take over the reins starting March 1st after the Olympics. This means NBC will be beating us to death about Leno during commercial breaks, during the ceremonies, etc. Suffice it say I will never watch Leno ever again (admittedly easy since he was never funny). One last day of NBC getting slammed by the talk show hosts with even The Daily Show and Colbert Report getting in on it. Click here for Tuesday videos and here for Wednesday.

The Walking Dead TV Series Greenlit - The comic book series that takes a realistic look at an invasion of zombies with all the death, destruction, loss, and drama gets its own TV series. It’s a great comic worth reading and with Frank Drabont (The Shawshank Redemption) involved it might make for great TV. Right now there is no script, no cast and no schedule so might be a while before the details come out.

Justices Strike Down Campaign Reform Bills - In the usual 5-4 decision along party lines, the Court has struck down various laws that restricted the amount of money corporations can spend on elections. In effect, corporations can spend as much as they want on whomever they want which is likely to have dramatic effects on campaigns as they will know have essentially unlimited budgets to say and do whatever they want. Note that humans still have limits placed on how much they can donate to a candidate. The side effect is it also codifies a notion that the GOP has supported for decades - which corporations should be treated as human but have more rights as humans. Something we already know that exists but this is probably the first time the Supreme Court has made a precedent supporting it.

"Ultimate" Spider-Man Gets Director, Budget - Sony has announced that Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) has been tapped to reboot Spider-Man with an $80 million budget. The story will chronicles Spider-Man in high school much like the Ultimate series did from Marvel. This seems like an attempt to tap into the same money and demographics the Twilight movies hit while saving a boatload of money on salaries and back end deals that Raimi, Maguire, etc would have required.

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