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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Links of the Day

100 Cheesiest Film Quotes of All Time - The choices in this 10 minute clip fest can be debated but there is no doubt that there is a lot of bad in these lines. Video below does have some cussing so not entirely safe for work.

Avatar Tops All-Time List - In just five short weeks, Avatar has passed Titanic’s 10 year record for highest grossing movie of all time yesterday with a take of $1.843 billion to Titanic’s $1.8. With the movie going strong, it will easily pass the two billion mark and might get as high as $2.5 billion said a huge benchmark. For the all time domestic chart, Titanic remains number one with $600.8M gross but Avatar is 2 with $558.2M so likely to take the spot by middle of next week. However, once adjust domestic record for inflation Avatar drops to 26th and would need another $1 billion in domestic grosses to get to Gone with the Wind's $1.5B record.

Woman Collides, Damages A Picasso - It turns out that irreplaceable works of art can sometimes be repaired as a woman discovered when she accidently fell into "The Actor" by Picasso and tore the canvas by six inches. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will repair the piece in the next few weeks.

How to Spend $150K on Scientology - An interesting article with a part of the cult's orientation video that shows just how much money matters to the so-called "religion". Seriously, if you are giving this cult serious consideration, please do your research. It should be avoided at all costs.

Scientology Invades Haiti - Speaking of evil cults, John Travolta flew "doctors" aka Scientology salespeople and supplies down to the devastated country blocking supply lines and just generally getting in the way. That could be forgiven, except they are not exactly helping the country as the supplies come with such caveats as listening to the cult's sales pitch. Even worse, the "medicine" being provided is really the cult's "assist" nonsense. By this, their so-called ministers touch you were you hurt and the boo-boo supposedly goes away. Yep, thoughts will heal the body...at least until it doesn't then it’s the Haitian's fault for not believing enough. Of course by then a minor infection has become a major infections and in the current conditions that could easily lead to death. So you’re thinking "hey they are just trying to help!” But you don't know about Hubbard's "Casualty Contract" which essentially states that the best time to recruit during a time of crisis. Also keep in mind the goal isn't really to recruit Haitians (not much money there), but to generate positive PR online and on TV so that it might lead to new recruits elsewhere in the world.

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