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Friday, January 29, 2010

Links of the Day

Gates to Invest $10 Billion on Vaccines - As a sign of Bill Gates continued commitment to charity, his foundation announced a $10 billion investment in trying to create vaccines for AIDS, tuberculosis, Rota virus, and pneumonia. If my input meant anything I would add Alzheimer's disease. Yes it mostly affects older people but it’s a horrible disease that strips away the memories, really everything that makes them who they are. I have thought for a while now that governments should initiate "Manhattan Project" style scope to fight a single disease into submission. I also thing that Gates, if this project leads to results, should use it to create a non-profit business. Basically charge for the vaccine and whatever patentable breakthroughs that get developed to re-invest for the next breakthrough and also help pay for vaccinations for those that can't afford it. In essence, it becomes its own financial engine to continue to help people, maybe without anymore outside investment required.

Mad TV Nailed the iPad 2 Years Ago - In a sign that MadTV was actually on the ball periodically, below is a clip from the program were they made fun of Apple while unknowingly naming the companies next invention.

Kimmel on Leno's Oprah Appearance - The other day Leno made the required PR rehabilitation stop with an appearance on Oprah were he basically whined about how unfair everyone is treating him. Nothing is his fault and if Conan only had performed better. Never mind Leno was getting totaled by Late Show in his first two years as full time host. Part of that victim fest is how he was gut punched by Kimmel's appearance. Jimmy Kimmel decided to address this direct attack, wisely pointing out that the segment was ripe for humor except Leno's writers didn't have any prepared material so of course Leno was lost on how to respond.

Hilarious Bayonetta Review - An amusing, not safe for work, review of Bayonetta that seems to nail the game down exactly if compare to reviews from "legit" sites.

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